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    Inaugurate Sanimas, Demiz Invites Citizens to Run a Healthy Lifestyle


    Bogor-Deputy Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar inaugurated Sanimas or Community-Based Sanitation at RT 02 RW 12, Sindang Rasa Sub-District, Bogor Timur Sub-district, Bogor City, Thursday (21/12/2017). He invites residents to run a healthy lifestyle.

    Accompanied by Deputy Mayor of Bogor Usmar Hariman, East Bogor Sub-district Adi Novan, Head of Sindangrasa Urban Village and City Government (City Government) Bogor related to the greeting of his greeting.

    In his speech, he thanked for this extraordinary welcome, he invited the community to implement a healthy lifestyle, starting from maintaining a healthy self, to preserve the environment.

    "Dozens of Communal IPAL have been built in the city of Bogor, West Java Provincial Government has supported this program, for that I emphasize to the citizens for this program is run optimally," he said.

    According to him, health is the key to prosperity. It's hard to be prosperous if all can not keep a healthy lifestyle in the region.

    "Health is expensive, therefore Sanimas is expected to help residents at least in preserving the environment from the reduction of waste directly into nature," said the man who is also often called the bonar dragon.

    Deputy Mayor of Bogor Usmar Hariman expressed his gratitude to represent Bogor City Government to the Vice Governor of West Java for his arrival and support.
     "With the support of the West Java Provincial Government, many Sanimas in Bogor city are inaugurated, some even get the best Sanimas category because of the connections and the most connected pipeline connections of some residents' houses." he said.

    Usmar considers this program very helpful and useful in creating a healthy environment for the citizens of Bogor City. (Indra / humas-SZ)

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