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    Mother's Day Commemoration, Aher: Women Must Be Powerful


    BANDUNG -Jabar Governor Ahmad Heryawan acts as the builder of ceremonies in commemoration of Mother's Day, HKSN and International Disability Day of West Java Province level in Gedung Sate, Friday (22/12).

    In his speech, Aher emphasized the importance of women to be empowered. "In accordance with the theme of Mother's Day 2017 birthday, Empowered Indonesia, Jaya It is very reasonable because from the mother's womb the next generation of this nation is born" he said.

    In West Java, according to Aher efforts to increase gender participation and equality in development continue to be the government's attention.

    "Alhamdulillah, the gender empowerment index in 2016 reached 69.02 points and the gender or IPG development index of 89.11 points, while the addition of village heads and empowerment of women headed households to 501 villages and urban villages," he explained.

    According to Aher, these achievements should be motivated to support various women empowerment programs, so that in the future the achievement will get better and touched the whole pelokok Jabar.

    In the event, various awards were given to individuals and institutions that excel in women's empowerment. (Even)

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