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    Disability Care, Indramayu Regent Won Award


    Indramayu-Due to concern for the disability in his area, the Regent of Indramayu Hj. Anna Sophanah rewarded by the Governor of West Java at the peak of the commemoration of Mother's Day, HKSN and International Disability Day of West Java Province held at Gedung Sate, Friday (22/12/2017). The award was handed over directly by Governor Ahmad Heryawan to Vice Regent Indramayu H. Supendi.

    Vice Regent Indramayu H. Supendi said, Pemkab Indramayu under the leadership of Hj. Anna Sophanah continues to commit to developing the quality of human resources including the disability that must get attention from Pemkab Indramayu.

    Various breakthroughs continue to be done in the form of programs and activities to raise the dignity and trust of persons with disabilities in Indramayu District. Various activities are spread both in SKPD in charge and directly to institutions or organizations with disabilities in Indramayu District.

    "Currently the programs and activities for the disabilities, Indramayu Regency has facilitated with available in the Department of Social Affairs and also the Office of Youth and Sports. As for the existing institutions NPCI and FKPCI, "said Vice Regent.

    Currently there is still a negative stigma in the middle of society for people with disability. This is because the physical limitations possessed by people with disabilities are still not fully accepted by the surrounding environment.

    "They have limitations but really behind those limitations they actually want to get out. The amount is quite a lot indeed requires serious handling from the local government and we try to realize their desires, "said Supendi.

    Based on data from the Social Service of Indramayu District, people with disabilities in 2016 reached 3,091 people. They gradually obtain programs and activities in the form of Social Assistance Assistance for People with Severe Disability (ASPD B) of 3 million per person newly allocated for 225 people. Meanwhile, for social guidance and productive economic effort this year only handle 40 people.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of Indramayu Disabled Communication Forum (FKPCI) and National Paralympic Committee of Indonesia (NPCI) Indramayu, Suprayitno said, partiality to the disability by Pemkab Indramayu is felt especially for athletes.

    If previously NPCI under the auspices of KONI, but now NPCI has been aligned with KONI and can carve out achievements with program and budget support from Pemkab Indramayu. If previously only get 20 million per year but now the NPCI reaches 200 million.

    "Pemkab Indramayu under the leadership of Anna's mother and Supendi pa very concerned about us the disability. So we replied with the achievements that we have and dedicated to Indramayu District, "said Yitno.

    In addition, to face the Regional Paralympic Week (Peparda), Pemkab Indramayu also has poured a budget of 5 billion which is intended for administrators, officials and athletes who can be used for operations, athletes training, perestasi funds and others. Aa DENI / Dinas Komunikasi dan Informatika Kab. Indramayu

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