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    Governor: West Java Must be Safe


    BANDUNG-In the next few days, Christians will celebrate Christmas Day 2017 and most people will celebrate New Year's turn of 2018.

    Of course according to the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan expect, in the face of such a moment can take place well without any interference, both small and large scale disruption.

    "We want our religious events, our togetherness, to proceed well without any disturbance
    both small and large, need early detection, "he said.

    The governor states, in addition to facing Christmas and New Year 2018, West Java will also face the Election of Regional Head (Pilkada) simultaneously which will take place in 16 cities and districts as well as the Governor and Vice Governor Election of West Java.

    "Although we have done well in the implementation of the democracy party, but to provide a sense of security, it must be managed well because the elections are simultaneously more recent and the greatest, unlike previous experience," he said.

    The Governor requested that the Regional Intelligence Community (Kominda) in West Java should work well and need to early detection of possible security disturbances ahead of, during and after the elections.

    "Although there is no problem, but need early detection, it will be better so we can avoid it," said the Governor, when closing the Coordination Meeting of West Java, Prama Hotel Preanger, Jalan Asia Afrika No.81, Bandung, Thursday 21/12). (Parno)

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