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    Doel Sumbang & Komar Batik Won the West Kalimantan Cultural Heritage Award 2017


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government through the Department of Tourism and Culture award for the maestro of art and the preservation of Sundanese culture, through the gift of West Java cultural work 2017.

    From the rigorous selection of the assessment team, the award of Jabar cultural work, the art maestro category fell to the artist Abdul Wahyu Affandi or better known as Doel Sumbang. While the category of cultural preservation award is given to Rumah Batik Komar.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) handed Charter award, certificate and kadeudeuh money to the winner at the Award Night of Anugerah Karya Budaya Jabar 2017 which was held in West Hall Gedung Sate Bandung, Friday (22/12/2017) night.

    Governor Aher said the award was given to encourage other artists and culturalists to continue working. As well as appreciation and dedication in preserving Sundanese culture for at least 20 years.

    "This is an award for achievement and dedication in the development of culture in West Java and our attention to the perpetrators and preservers of Sundanese culture," said Aher.

    In the future, he added, the cultural awards will not only be given to the field of art but also other areas such as social, religion, literature.

    "I want it to be so that the meaning of culture is widespread.It is often the culture interpreted by art just like art, music, but many other things related to culture," he said.

    Aher hopes the awards can build public awareness as well as increase motivation to be more concerned about the development of Indonesian culture.

    "We appreciate the character who consistently and actively contribute to preserve our culture," said Aher.

    Met after receiving the award, Abdul Wahyu Affandi or Doel Sumbang admitted to not expecting to receive such prestigious award.

    "If in the song of the Moon can say that there is word I run out of words, so I do not have words to convey this happiness," said Doel.

    He explained that he was only invited to attend cultural grace and was asked to donate some songs.

    "That's why there was an announcement I was very surprised because there are not any leak guns," he explained.

    Head of Tourism and Culture Ida Hernida as the organizers revealed, the weight of the assessment on the award of the category of art maestro and art culture preservation for this year is more severe and is required to have aspects of quality and continuity.

    The award-winning team awarded by the cultural achievements of Jabar 2017 consists of Setiawan Sabana as the chairman of the jury, Gugun Gunardi, Reiza D Dienaputra, Alm. Dede Mariana and Bucky Wikagoe

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