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    Aher Called Mother Is Center Of Life


    BANDUNG-With the spirit of appreciating the services of mothers accompanied by social solidarity action and solidarity of the disabled, West Java Provincial Government held the top of the 89th Mother Day, National Social Solidarity Day and International Disability Day 2017.

    The third commemoration ceremony was held in the yard Gedung Sate directly led by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, Friday (22/12/2017).

    Meaning the day Mother Aher mentions that the mother is the center of life or the center of life.

    "Of course we can feel the toughness of God's creation called this woman, therefore I agree that women we call as the center of life yes, the center of life," he said.

    Aher said the role of a mother is enormous and can not be replaced by men one of them in domestic life.

    "Let us feel in a household if the father is sick alone sick right, different if the mother who is sick all the household affairs is chaotic because the father can not replace the role of mother," he said.

    Therefore, in this Mother's Day moment Aher wants to present a tribute to the women who become the source of goodness and the first teacher of the generation.

    "I say in this world no one can respect women except real men," Aher said.

    Given the history of the role of women in Indonesia, it has been felt exactly 1928 or 89 years ago when the inclusion of the Indonesian Women's Congress. At the congress which is the embryo of the Mother's Day commemoration can be a momentum to strengthen the commitment in advancing Indonesian women, one of them through women's empowerment program. So in the future there is no longer the assumption that women are a weak and can only depend on men.

    "Women must be independent and empowered so that this country continues to advance as the national theme is lifted on the 89th Mother's Day celebration of women empowered Indonesia victorious," he said.

    The theme according to Aher is not excessive because of a mother born the next generation of the nation, so that the figure of women must be really respected, honored and fulfilled all rights.

    In West Java, efforts to increase gender participation and equality in development continue to be the government's attention. The 2016 gender empowerment index was 69.02 points and the gender development index was 89.11 points. At the same time, the latest data of 2016 mentioned in the framework of improving the quality of life and protection of women and children, increasing the role of women to healthy and prosperous families reaches 211 villages and outbreaks. Then the economic empowerment of women through empowerment of female head of household reached 501 villages and kelurahan.

    "The various achievements must be motivated to support various women's empowerment programs, whether organized by the central or regional government, so that the future achievement will be improved and will touch all corners of West Java," he hoped.

    In celebration of National Social Solidarity Day, Aher congratulated one of West Java's Head of Social Office, Arifin Harun Kertadaputra, who at the peak of HKSN commemoration in Surabaya has been awarded Satya Lencana Kebaktian Sosial from President RI.

    "This is the highest mark of honor given as an appreciation for his services and hard work helping solve social problems, congratulations to Kadinsos Jabar," said Aher.

    Educational Equality, Aher Wants All Elementary, Junior High Schools, SMUs Receive Disability.

    In accordance with the Law the disability has the same rights as other societies. One percent more people of West Java is a disability community. They have the same right to access all educational, economic, health and technological progress.

    In education access Governor Aher wants to make all elementary, junior high school in West Java become inclusive school, it means open for disability, except if if disabled person is too difficult, for that still have to go to SLB entrance.

    Aher said, the average SLB in every City and District there are only one or two schools whose location is far enough to reach.

    "Disability is in spite of 1 percent but it is scattered in various places so that they can reach the government education service then we will continue to improve that is holding inclusive education where normal schools usually accept them," he said.

    Currently in West Java there are 540 elementary school, junior high school, which became inclusive school.

    "I want all elementary, junior high, public and private high school in West Java must be able to accept the disability then there reach equality of education. In addition, at the same time public facilities such as streets, malls, elevators and various other places there should be special means for disabilities . "Of course the future should be added and more friendly for the disable hopefully in the future the better the service to them," said Aher. Related to the world of work, Aher explained, the government must accept at least 2 percent of all employees must disability, especially for companies BUMN and BUMD. "Should be 2 percent yes, if the private company at least 1 percent of the number of employees must be disabled, it's Law yes," said Aher

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