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    Vice Governor Demiz Officially Launches & Improves Rutilahu


    BOGOR CITY-Deputy Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz), inaugurated the program of City Without Slums (Kotaku) in Kampung Kebon Manggis Paledang Village, Central Bogor City Bogor, Thursday (21/12/2017), as well as reviewing the program of assistance Home Not Eligible Huni (Rutilahu) of 32 units.

    "This is an ongoing program to improve the welfare and health of the community, to prevent the deterioration of public health from bad environments including sanitation, drainage and other diseases," Demiz said.

    Demiz said that the Kotaku program is realized for infrastructure funding, whose conditions and infrastructures are not eligible such as environmental roads, drainage, clean water supply, waste management, waste management, fire safety and public open space.

    "We see the importance of every village, village or village creating a clean environment because the source of the disease is 45% coming from the environment, so (Kotaku) it is a preventive and promotive action while creating comfort, I hope this can inspire other places," he said. .

    According to the Act, the state is entitled to health insurance and residency of its citizens. Therefore the state's obligation is to fulfill the rights of its citizens. One of the efforts undertaken by the West Java Provincial Government is the Kotaku program and the improvement of Rutilahu. Moreover Jabar is the province with the largest population in Indonesia that is 47 million people.

    "Moreover, Bogor City is already crowded, the land is expensive and unreachable by low income people, whereas the need for housing is getting higher, so how can you build in Bogor City which is already very crowded because that is the Kotaku program and revamping Rutilahu become very important and this command Act, "Demiz explains.

    In 2017, APBD Jabar allocated to build 10 thousand Rutilahu, including 8 thousand in rural and 2 thousand in urban areas. For the improvement of Rutilahu in Kebon Manggis area there are 30 houses from the total in Bogor City as many as 222 units.

    "This is only a stimulus if the urban is around Rp 15 million if the District Rp 13.5 million," said Demiz.

    In the same place, Regional Secretary of Bogor City Ade Syarif Hidayat representing Mayor said Bogor City has an area of ??11850 hectares with a population of 1,005,012 people.

    "Therefore, there are many dense settlements here, according to our inventory in Bappeda there are 17 slum areas in Bogor city," he said.

    Ade admitted grateful for the help of West Java Provincial Government which gradually improve the slum area through the program Kotaku and Rutilahu.

    "We hope that with the limitation of our budget, Provincial Assistance for Bogor City can be continuously improved so that these 17 slums can be completed so that they can be enjoyed for the benefit of the community," he hoped.

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