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    West Java Provincial Government Appreciates Industry Rules of Environment


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government gives appreciation and appreciation to environmentally friendly companies and has complied with environmental legislation, especially companies located along Citarum River Basin (DAS).

    The awarding of the best environmental management performance for the Properda industry or the Corporate Level Performance Program of Jabar Regency in 2017 was held at Hotel Horison Bandung, Wednesday (20/12/2017) with 225 companies participated.

    Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar who had the opportunity to hand over the plaque to the company's award, said that the business world is required to keep updating the business paradigm of single bottom which is merely pursuing profit to be a triple bottom line that integrates the three important pillars in the production process namely profit, planets.

    "So the concept of this triple bottom line confirms that if the company wants to maintain the sustainability of its business, in addition to the pursuit of profit must also pay attention and be involved in efforts to fulfill the welfare of people or people as well contribute actively in preserving the environment, the planet.

    This Properda Award is the third year since it was held in 2015 by the West Java Provincial Government through the Environment Department.

    Demiz said, as the province with the largest level of national investment then the economic growth rate in West Java increased significantly. On the other hand, the growth of investment, carrying capacity and environmental stability are also under severe pressure.

    "Therefore, the campaign, supervision and active participation of companies in preserving the environment must be strengthened to build the awareness based on awareness and needs not just compulsion," he said.

    The award of Properda aims to encourage companies to adhere to environmental regulations and achieve environmental excellence through the integration of sustainable development principles in production processes, implementation of environmental management systems, reuse, reduce recycle, energy efficiency, resource conservation and ethical and responsible business execution through programs community development.

    "I am grateful this has entered the third year of the number of participants who last year's Properda 200 now 225," said Demiz.

    At the award of Properda 2017 there are seven companies that obtain the gold category or the level of industrial awareness of the best environmental sustainability. The seven companies are Pertamina Geothermal Energy Area Kamojang, PT Biofarma, PT Pertamina Refinery unit VI Balongan, PT Pertamina Hulu Energy Offshore North West Java, PT Aneka Tambang Pongkor Bogor, PT Pertamina TBBM Bandung Group and PT Star Energy Geothermal Wayang Windu.

    Head of Environmental Office Jabar Anang Sudarna explained, Properda will see or assess the extent of corporate compliance in carrying out obligations covering aspects of licensing documents, how companies manage water pollution, air pollution and how to manage B3 waste.

    "Why do we hold Properda outside Propernas or Proper organized by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, because the number of industries in West Java is very much and Proper is not able to set performance appraisals for the entire company," said Anang.

    Properda appraisal is done by technique, procedure, procedure and provisions which are exactly the same as Proper by LHK Ministry, even the assessor officer is the same officer.

    Anang said the assessment of Properda based on the instrument of industrial entrepreneur obedience in obeying all environmental regulations through the dissemination of information to the public and other related parties. The second valuation is based on the performance of environmental management that has been done by the company both inside and outside the company.

    "Thirdly, as an integrated form of supervision and supervision on compliance with environmental regulations, the results are classified into three ranks: blue, red and black," he concluded.

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