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    West Java Provincial Govt Supports Establishment of Artificial Lake


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government fully support the establishment of artificial lake, which is planned to be built in Gedebage and Cieunteung respectively.

    It thus explained by Assistant Economic Secretariat, Deny Juanda in his statement to jabarprov.go.id, on the sidelines of the opening Terrace Cikapundung, Saturday (30/1) yesterday.

    According to Deny, West Java Provincial Govt will facilitate funding for the land acquisition in these development plan of Artificial lake in Gedebage.

    “The land requirement from the calculation needs between 10 to 30 hectares, according to the latest tally reached 21 hectares of land needed,” said Deny.

    The support in implementation of artificial lake in Gedebage will be directed to the activity. The artificial lake in Gedebage will support the provincial government's plan to build a floating mosque belonging to the West Java provincial government. The mosque is planned to be built in this artificial lake.

    Furthermore, supporting the construction of artificial lake in Cieunteung, the funding sources will be allocated from the central government. The assistance will be given in the form of acceleration of licensing regulatory support that by making rules about the RT/RW.

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