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    West Java Electricity is Ready Coming to Christmas and New Year 2018


    BANDUNG-PLN Distribution West Java ready to strengthen the monitoring of reliability to improve the preparation ahead of Year-end Celebration and Holiday at the moment of Christmas and New Year 2017.

    Personnel with supporting facilities on standby for special monitoring to places of worship (especially churches) as well as crowd centers for 24 hours to ensure the power grid remains reliable and convenient for customers.

    In the 15 areas of PLN Distribution Services West Java has also held degree of troops in each region to check the readiness of officers and equipment in order to welcome the important moment at the end of 2017.

    One of the efforts that is also performed in the standby period, among others, PLN does not do the work / maintenance that can disrupt the electricity supply, except for repair work caused by disturbances and emergency conditions, ie circumstances that if no improvement will endanger the safety of customers.

    The peak load of the eve of Christmas in the afternoon of 2017 is estimated at 4,588 MW, up from Christmas peak daylight hours in 2016 of 4.51 2 MW. While at night Peak Christmas Peak 2017 predicted to reach 5,526 MW greater than the realization of Christmas Peak Burden on the night in 2016 (5457 MW). For New Year's Eve 2018, PLN estimates Peak Expenses is predicted to reach 5,302 MW greater than the realization of Peak Load on New Year's Eve 2017 of 5.036 MW. Power supply PLN Distribution West Java 11,063 MW.

    Total Electric Energy Sales until November 2017 was 43.4 TWh or an increase of 2.84%, compared to November of 2016 (ie 42.2 TWh). The number of customers of West Java Distribution PLN itself until November 2017 recorded 13,155,120 subscribers, up 5.95% of total subscribers in November 2016 recorded 12,416,157 customers.

    Prior to this year's celebration of Christmas and New Year, PLN appealed to the public to: (1) Due to the rainy season, customers are requested to keep electronic devices and electrical installations from potential water exposed, (2) No play with fireworks around the poles, cables and electrical grids due to the potential for fire, (3) turning off the entire power supply and pulling it out of the socket before leaving the house for long periods to avoid short circuit.

    When people find discomfort in electricity service during Christmas and New Year's Eve moments it can contact PLN Contact Center 123 to get 24 hour handling. (Even)

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