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    Aher Optimistic Urbanization Jabar Declining


    West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan admitted optimistic that the urbanization of the population that occurred in West Java can be derived by promoting development in rural areas.

    "Urbaninsation will stop when the development of a village progressed," said the Governor of West Java told reporters in sports Jabar, Arcamanik Bandung, Thursday (21/12/2017)

    Kang Aher greeting Governor of West Java reveals, West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) continue to support the development that originated from the countryside.

    This is in accordance with the mandate of the Nawacita which was launched by the central government by focusing the development in the rural areas. So far it has been done well where previously the village funds came from two sources namely Regional Revenue Budget (APBD) District plus Budget Revenue National Expenditure (APBN) West Java Province.

    "Provincial Government of West Java provide the village aid every year for all villages in West Java," said Aher.

    He mentioned, since two years ago the village funds will be run from the state budget with fund management of not less than Rp 1 billion per village.

    "There are even up to Rp2 to Rp3 billion per village," said the Governor of West Java.

    Therefore, the Governor continued, the funds could be proposed for village development so as to make an advanced area and reduce the number of urbanization.

    "The village funds are aimed at the progress of the rural areas, and if a village is already developed then urbanization will be reduced," he concluded (MAT)

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