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    2017, West Java Family Planning is Increased


    BANDUNG-The number of Family Planning (KB) membership at the West Java Provincial level reaches 63 percent by 2017.

    West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said the age of marriage in Jabar originally averaged 18.8 years. But since 2016, the average marriage age rose to 20 years more.

    "So the more mature age of family planning in West Java," said West Java Governor told reporters in sports Jabar, Arcamanik Bandung, Thursday (21/12/2017)

    The increase in marriage age has an impact on the family happiness index so that the divorce rate is reduced because one of the triggers of divorce is the number of young marriage.

    "Young couples are not emotionally stable, so there are often conflicts in domestic life that result in divorce," Aher said.

    Another impact of population development in West Java is, the high number of education in West Java. Aher explained if people have an awareness of the importance of education it will berdamoak also with the intelligence of citizens.

    "Surely if the population is good then the attention of the community will send their children to a higher level would be better," said Aher.

    He appealed to the Village Promotion Team (TPK) and Village Mobilizer Team (TPD) to work with professionals such as diligent, diligent, tenacious and devoted to the community, about the population both related to the age of marriage, the number of children including the distance of child birth, education, and family health.

    "I kiria many things yes, that various materials presented by TPK and TPD," said aher.

    If done professionally will have an effect on population control also build population quality. "So the quantity is controlled and the quantity is increased," Aher added.

    Dealing with the replacement of leadership with the elected Governor. The Governor of West Java said that whoever gets elected should be able to continue the previous governor program because there was never a governor to achieve success except the results of the chain of the past which then continued on the next leadership.

    "Therefore, arrogantly if someone says this is my success without respecting the previous officials who also pioneered development programs in West Java," said Aher.

    According to aher, what has been achieved today is the continuation of the past and beyond, the future is a continuation of the present.

    "I think everyone who wisely must continue the various programs that have been good and then add with some new innovations," he concluded (MAT)

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