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    Aher Seeing Disaster Affected Disasters Handled Properly


    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) paid a visit to three locations affected by the earthquake in South West Java on Wednesday (20/12/17). The three locations are Wonoharjo Village Wonoharjo Village Pangandaran Regency, then to the location of refugees and Disaster Post at the Mosque of Al Hidayah Village Sukahurip Kec. Pamarican Kab. Ciamis, and the last visit at SMK Negeri 3 Kota Tasikmalaya. An earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale has shaken the southern region of West Java, on Friday (15/12/2017) at around 23:47 pm last time.

    During his visit, Aher was grateful for the alertness of the field officers who had assisted in the emergency response process. Aher sees the affected victim has been very well handled. The Disaster Post was quickly established with a number of services. Even some of the damaged homes have now begun to be occupied again.

    "The magnitude 6.9 magnitude earthquake actually equaled the last earthquake in 2009 hit south west Java, but the damage caused by the earthquake yesterday was not as bad as the 2009 earthquake, so the victim handling is very fast and well handled.I see the process of trauma healing also run smoothly, the trauma of society already gone, they're back home, "Aher said.

    Meanwhile, related to the impact of damage caused by the earthquake that hit some houses and public facilities such as mosques and schools, Aher said it will continue to perform inventory and calculation of the number of repair needs. Aher will maximize and mobilize the existing resources in West Java both own provincial government, central government assistance, district government, local enterprises and humanitarian agencies.

    From his visit, the public facilities are heavily damaged and will soon be repaired with the pattern of CSR Bank bjb, namely Al Ihsan Mosque Wonoharjo Village Pangandaran Regency worth Rp.100 million, 6 local Madrasah Aliyah class Pamarican District Ciamis Regency, repairing the roof of the school SMK Negeri 3 Tasikmalaya City and roof improvement of Asy Syuhada Mosque Tasikmalaya City.

    "The damaged high school and state vocational school certainly becomes a provincial obligation to improve, we will improve gradually.For private schools we look for other schemes through corporate social responsibility or CSR.

    Today I bring Bank bjb to repair damaged mosques in Pangandaran and Tasikmalaya, Madrasah Aliyah which also damaged in Pamarican, and I also ask to repair the roof of the school in SMK Negeri 3 Tasikmalaya, alhamdulillah BUMD has contributed, may be followed by some other companies "Says Aher.

    Head of Education Office of West Java, Ahmad Hadadi who accompanied Aher mentions, schools damaged by the impact of the earthquake Jabar is as many as 11 schools heavily damaged, and 20 damaged medium and light.

    "Mostly in Tasikmalaya City and Regency, it will be a priority program and will be completed gradually." For SMKN 3 Tasik, Alhamdulillah can now be handled after the visit of Pa Governor, "Hadadi said.

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