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    Indonesia Red Cross Volunteers of West Java Gathered in Sumedang


    SUMEDANG-Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI), as a humanitarian social organization, is considered to have an active role in assisting the Government by providing its best services to the community, both in preparedness services, and during and post disaster, through emergency response services.

    This was revealed by Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar on the activity of Volunteer VI Meeting of West Java Province PMI, in Gajahdepa Waterboom Area, Galudra Cimalaka Sumedang Village, Monday (18/12/2017).

    Deddy Mizwar expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all members of the Volunteer Corps (KSR), Volunteers (TSR), and Voluntary Blood Donors (DDS) in West Java, for their contribution in serving the community.

    "For that, on this occasion I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to the PMI Sukrelawan people of West Java who have been dedicating themselves to humanity, always based on sincerity and sincerity," said Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar.

    Deddy Mizwar rate, in carrying out humanitarian missions, PMI has shown dharma devotion to others indiscriminately, without discriminating the origin, tribe, group, race, religion, politics, and other differences.

    Moreover, all the humanitarian missions of PMI volunteers are voluntary, selfless and without expecting remuneration, even if they have to sacrifice their mind, energy, material, even soul and body.

    Departing from these matters, Deddy said the need for training and capacity building of volunteers who are trained, skilled, dedicated, loyal, brave, responsible, and highly social, by every level of PMI management, from Central to Branch, making PMI can grow and develop as a humanitarian organization Character, Professional, Mandiri, and beloved community.

    "At the same time, support from all stakeholders, including the Government, Local Government, Private, and the community," he said.

    So that said Deddy, every PMI volunteer is always ready and able to take on the task of volunteering at the forefront, providing humanitarian service and assistance anytime and in any situation, especially in emergency response, natural disaster, accident and other emergency.

    Related to Volunteer Work Meeting VI PMI West Java Province, Chairman of West Java PMI Insp. Gen. Purnawirawan Adang Rochjana, hoping that through activities that last December 18-21, 2017, members of the West Java PMI can be more compact and more active in helping and serving the community.

    Also this PMI Volunteer Work Meeting was attended by approximately 1,500 members of KSR, TSR and DDS throughout West Java.

    This Working Meeting, also the 6th since it was first implemented in 1990, and has significance as the coaching, development, and highest appreciation of Volunteers.

    To jointly learn, exchange experiences, monitor and evaluate the process of coaching and leadership Volunteers that have been implemented PMI, as well as designing the role and activities of volunteer sustainable.

    "Thousands of PMI Jabar members come from all the PMI City and District of West Java," said Rochjana, from the entire contingent, there is a core contingent, cheerleaders, other participants.

    "The average contingent at least send 40 participants to follow the Activity Gathering," he explained.

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