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    Moment Evaluation of Local Government in Indonesia, Ministry of Home Affair Appreciation of Aher Performance


    JAKARTA - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) at the end of 2017 is re-fulfilling the 253 and 254 awards throughout the two periods of office by achieving 2 (two) awards from the Central Government through the Ministry of Home Affairs. The award is the Leadership Award 2017 or a local leadership award received by Aher personally for the assessment of the Independent Team formed by the Ministry of Home Affairs, while the second award is the Innovative Government Award 2017 or an innovative local government award. Both awards were submitted directly by the Minister of Home Affairs of Indonesia, Tjahyo Kumolo at Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel Jakarta, Monday (18/12/17) night.

    Leadership Award 2017 is a national priority program in awarding regional heads for leadership in order to advance the region. The award was initiated by the Research and Development Board of the Ministry of Home Affairs (Balitbang Kemendagri). Leadership Award is also given to leaders who are considered able to meet the expectations of the community, keeping the promises of the campaign and create a good and clean government. While Innovative Government Award 2017 is a tribute to regions that have innovations in local governance, public service innovation and other forms of innovation in accordance with government affairs that become regional authorities.

    In connection with the innovation in 2017, according to Aher, West Java Provincial Government has hatched 17 kinds of innovation that all of them adapted from the Regional Devices and other institutions, such as LIPI, Litbang and colleges.

    "Innovation is certainly to achieve the benefit, that is how these innovations facilitate and lighten, cheap and prosperous society," said Aher after receiving the award.

    Regarding the Leadership Award 2017 that has been received, Aher expressed his gratitude for the appreciation given by the central government. "Good Leadership for me is how to hear positive feedback from subordinates and implement it in governance", he said.

    According to him, when leading, in addition to direct subordinates well should also have great ideas that come from yourself and even arrested from subordinates. So never shy when there are ideas, innovations, suggestions and suggestions from his subordinates.

    "I call for example Samsat Gendong, this is the innovation of tax payment service proposals from echelon IV officials when he makes project changes Diklatpim.Situ also Samsat Online, is the innovation of the echelon III officials, we appreciate their innovation with the implementation into the Governor's policy" he explained.

    Aher does not deny as long as the leader encounters many problems, he means that all problems can basically be solved by togetherness and consolidation. Problem solutions for Aher are often encountered with lots of reading, casual discussions, even during routine recitation with provincial officials.

    The Minister of Home Affairs, Tjahyo Kumolo, said the award was given to the head of the region either old or new in office, which showed innovation, exemplary and leadership. Certainly capable of mobilizing and mobilizing community participation in the region for the success of regional programs and central programs.

    Meanwhile, Head of Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Dodi Riyadmadji explained there are 5 (five) main things in conducting Innovative Government Award 2017,

    "First, it contains renewal of all or part of innovation, secondly, giving benefit to the region or society Third, it does not result in the imposition or limitation on society which is not in accordance with the provisions of the law. fifth, can be replicated, "he explained.

    Assessment of the leadership of the regional head (Governor, Regent, Mayor) is nationally conducted by Ministry of Home Affairs based on criteria covering aspects of bureaucratic leadership (visionary, capability, acceptability, integrity, and leadership style) and social leadership aspects (honest and transparent, discipline, , tolerance, mutual cooperation, and polite). The period of leadership that is assessed is the period of 2014 s.d. 2016.

    The assessment was conducted by an independent team established by Balitbang Kemdagri. For the Head of Region in West Java, the collection and verification of leadership data was conducted on October 26, 2017 at Gedung Sate, using questionnaires and interviews / FGDs on political party and non-bearer, regional apparatus, polda element, high prosecutor, forum for harmony among religious people, academics (unpad and IT B), kadin, community organizations, and print media. Based on the independent team's assessment, Aher as Governor of West Java is included in the 5 Provincial Heads (Governors) who won the Leadership Award in 2017. Other Governors are Governor of East Java, South Sulawesi, West Sumatera and West Nusa Tenggara.

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