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    Governor Submits DIPA and Budget Transfer of APBN 2018


    BANDUNG -Jabar Governor Ahmad Heryawan submitted the Budget Implementation Handbook (DIPA) and budget transfer, at Gedung Sate, Tuesday (19/12). DIPA is a budget of assistance from the Central Government or the State Budget to the City District and vertical agencies in West Java. DIPA and budget transfer from central to Jabar 2018 amounting to Rp 110.274 trillion.

    "Of the 110.274 trillion, 66.52 trillion for the Fund Transfer and Village Funds district / city in jabar and the remaining Rp 43.748 trillion for the Ministry / Institution in West Java Region," said Aher after the event.

    Fund Transfer and Village Fund of Rp 66.52 Trillion consists of, General Allocation Fund (DAU) of Rp 34.413 Trillion; DBH (Rp 6.068 trillion and Special Allocation Fund (DAK) of Rp 20.620 trillion, Regional Incentive Fund of Rp 582 billion and Village Fund of Rp 4.823 trillion.

    According to Aher there are areas that get fund incentives from the center outside DIPA, namely Depok City. "Depok City received additional funds as an incentive fund because it set budget at the beginning of time, budget absorption is good and right target, so Depok City get additional fund of 68 billion" he said.

    Aher hopes that the other city districts can imitate Depok in that matter, so that, in addition to getting additional budget from the center, it can also improve performance.

    "Not bad right, get additional budget beyond the existing Dipa" Aher explained.

    Each region in West Java in DIPA 2018 gets the budget varies between Rp 1 to 3 trillion. (Even)

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