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    President: New Entrepreneurs Still Few


    BANDUNG - President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated that the opportunity of Indonesian people to become an entrepreneur until now is still wide open.

    "According to World Bank standards, a minimum 4% of the country's population as entrepreneurs, but in Indonesia the number of entrepreneurs in 2017 only reached 3.31% of the total population of Indonesia," he said.

    According to the President, compared to other ASEAN countries, the number of Indonesian entrepreneurs is also smaller, for example in Singapore reached 7 percent, Malaysia 5 percent, and Thailand 4.5 percent.

    "Seeing the position of Indonesia, the opportunity to become entrepreneurs is still quite large," said President, in his presentation on the show Entrepreneurs Wanted! (EW!) At Gedung Sasana Budaya Ganesha (Sabuga) ITB, Monday (18/12).

    The President said the opportunity can be achieved by anyone of Indonesia society with new ways and experiences of young people who have the spirit to become entrepreneurs.

    "This opportunity for young people to jump into business space in the form of digital economy that provides a great opportunity," he said.

    Jokowi asserted, within the next 5 years Indonesia can become a center of digital economic power in Asia or The Digital Energy of Asia with an industrial valuation of 130 billion US dollars.

    "Indonesia has all the potential it needs to be a center of digital economic power in Asia," he said. (Parno)

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