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    Book Fair Encouraged To Continue Growing


    BANDUNG-The 2016 book fair held by the Publishing Association of Indonesia (IKAPI) West Java is expected to trigger the same event so that the reading culture in West Java can grow continuously.  

    In the speech from the Governor of West Java which was read by West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa, mentioned to foster interest in reading of society, requires active participation of all elements society. Because of that, it appreciates the steps of IKAPI West Java who held the Bandung Book Fair in 2016.

    “We hoped the implementation of this event will further strengthen our commitment to jointly develop interest in reading, so that it becomes a habit, a necessity then a culture," he said after opening the Bandung Books Fair 2016 in Landmark, Braga, Bandung, Friday (29/1).
    He said if the reading has become a culture, in turn expected lead to the creation of a learning society as an precious asset to achieve the vision of western Java to developed and prosperous for all.

    Iwa said that the key major to overcome the problems of poverty, ignorance and backwardness in a country is through the development of education in a comprehensive and sustainable.
    "Development of education, both formal and non-formal and even informal, cannot be separated from its supporting strategic components, which are: books, libraries and reading culture," he said.

    Along with this, it is clear that efforts to infuse interest and love to read is a fundamental requirement for the community, in order to improve the competitiveness of human resources, become better in a sustainable manner.

    He said the growth of public interest in reading has a strategic role, because only from the people who love to read we can create a society that eager to learn, and from the people who love to learn, the quality of human resources can be quickly improved.

    The effort to create culture of reading is actually a fundamental requirement for the community to improve the quality of human resources who are smart and skilful. "Thus it is capable to be an excellent development resources, who are able to ensure the sustainability of regional development into a better direction," he said.

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