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    The Impact of Tasikmalaya Earthquake, Aher: Insya Allah Handled


    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) expressed his condolences for the earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter Scale in 6 Km southeast of Bantarkalong Kab. Tasikmalaya Prov. West Java. Furthermore, Aher urged the public to keep passing normal activity after the earthquake, but still must be vigilant.

    The earthquake that lasted more than 30 seconds is a medium-scale earthquake that feels up to some areas of Java Island. Five minutes after the earthquake occurred, the BMKG dissemination system issued tsunami early warning for southern areas of West Java, Central Java and Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY). Furthermore, BMKG conducts tsunami gauge monitoring in Pangandaran, Pamayang Sari, Binangeun (Banten) and Pacitan (Central Java). From monitoring results in several tsunami gauge stations close to the epicenter there was no record of sea level rise, so BMKG conducted the Tsunami Early Warning Terminal at 02.26 WIB or about 2 hours after the earthquake occurred.

    "Because it is feared there is a potential tsunami, so people in Pangandaran, Cipatujah, and in Pameungpeuk ready to get out of the house to evacuate to a higher place. But in two hours later it was stated that the earthquake had no tsunami potential. Last night the community was able to return to his house and this morning was able to move, but remember to remain vigilant, "Aher's appetite when found in Bandung, Saturday (16/12/17).

    "Since morning has started to be recorded about any damage caused by this disaster, there have been reports from Tasikmalaya, Pangadaran, Garut, Ciamis, and surrounding areas. There is damage to houses, schools, Community Service Centers, offices and we will soon handle, "he said.

    "If summed up okay, there are 300 houses in the form of damage heavily, medium, and light. There are several SMA / SMK, RSUD in Tasikmalaya also cracked. Disaster victims are mostly wounded "Aher continued.

    Aher added, the current handling of disaster pacsa among them by evacuating residents and conducting disaster mitigation or efforts to reduce disaster risk. "Of course if the house is okay finished and safe although there is still trauma, now we are data damaged homes. Handling, first to calm the community, then we will do mitigation and normalization after the disaster, "he said.

    "Insha Allah is handled," Aher assured.

    Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Prov. Jabar appealed to the public to remain calm and seek information on reliable sources related to the development of the situation after the earthquake.

    Chief Executive of BPBD Prov. Jabar Dicky Saromi said for the accuracy of information, people are encouraged to access information from credible media and social media BPBD, BMKG, and BNPB.

    "Following the many news hoaks in circulation, we encourage people to seek information on development through (eg) twitter BPBD Jabar @BPBDJabar," he said.

    Dicky revealed a newly built refugee post in Kab. Ciamis as the most affected. "We also send logistics to Ciamis, ready-to-eat food, tents, family kits, children's needs, especially since the logistics stock in Ciamis is running low," he explained.

    Until now, it is still coordinating with the officers in the field from BNPB in the context of emergency. As for post-disaster rehabilitation, he said, it still needs further assessment time

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