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    One Million Student Volunteers Watch Pilkada


    BANDUNG-In order to improve the community in supervising the election of regional head in West Java in 2018, the General Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) of West Java Province holds an activity to increase the participation of the community in supervising the participative election with the students in the election of governor and vice governor, bupati and vice regent, mayor and deputy guardian immediately immediately in 2018.

    The volunteer movement of a million elite students is held for two days from 15-16 December 2017. Attended by 405 people from the regency / city in West Java.

    This activity was also attended by the head of Bawaslu Jabar Harminus Koto, members of Bawasalu Jabar, Wasikin Marzuki and Yusuf Kurnia and Head of Bawaslu Jabar Secretariat, Eliazar Barus and structural officials in Bawaslu Jabar neighborhood. Also attended by academics DR Fauzan Alrasyid and DR Heri Heriawan.

    Head of Secretariat Bawaslu Jabar, Eliazar Barus explained the purpose of this activity is to provide understanding to the students related to the technical implementation of electoral supervision. As well as providing technical understanding of the implementation of electoral supervision.

    "It also provides a technical understanding of the handling of violations as well as encouraging the younger generation to take an active role in overseeing the election," Eliazar told reporters in Bandung on Saturday (16/12/2017)

    While the materials given to the participants include community oversight in participative oversight, supervision of voter data updating, and counting papers.

    "This activity is the first activity in Indonesia conducted by election supervisory institutions by involving students and students to participate in electoral supervision," said Eliazar.

    Meanwhile, on the same occasion, there was also a declaration "Volunteer Movement of One Million Undergraduate Students." One of the important points in the declaration is that we are students, with seriousness ready to supervise the election of Governor and deputy Governor, Regent and Deputy Regent and Mayor and Vice Mayor of Year 2018 to run honestly and peacefully. (MAT)

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