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    OJK Appeals to the Public Beware 21 Investment Entities


    BANDUNG - The Task Force on the Suspect of Legal Action in the Field of Funds and Investment Management or Task Force Investments appealed to the public to be careful of the product offerings or business activities of 21 entities that have been identified in December.

    In a press statement OJK Jabar, Saturday (16/12) informed, the Chairman of Task Force Investments Tongam L Tobing menyubja appeal is issued considering that the entity does not have a business license offerings offerings and investment offerings that potentially harm society because the yield or promised benefits are not included sense.

    To continue protecting consumers and society, the Investment Alert Task Force asks the public to be careful of the offerings and products of the 21 entities.

    Task Force Investments also appealed to the public to be wary of Bitcoin offering or virtual currency that is currently rampant. Virtual currency is not a financial investment instrument that has regulation.

    "Trading virtual currency is more speculative because it has a very high risk. Some entities that offer virtual currency are not acting as marketplaces but deliver a promise of high yields when buying virtual currency, "Tongam said.

    According to him, Bank Indonesia has also stated that virtual currency can not be used as a medium of exchange.

    The Investigation Task Force asks people to be careful about using the funds. Do not be tempted by the lure of high profits without seeing the risks that will be accepted.

    Task Force Investments continuously carry out preventive actions in the form of socialization and education to the public so that people avoid the loss of illegal investment.

    Public participation is indispensable, especially the role of not participating in the activities of the entity and immediately reporting any unreasonable investment offerings. The handling conducted by the Investigation Task Force is inseparable from the support of the community who has submitted reports or complaints. Jo

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