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    Victim Data Collection Completed, Rehabilitation & Reconstruction Immediately Implemented


    BANDUNG -Jabar Governor Ahmad Heryawan expressed concern to the people affected by the earthquake that occurred Friday night December 15th.

    According to Aher, the municipal governments affected by the West Java provincial government through BPBD Jabar are conducting emergency response such as mitigation and evacuation of victims.

    "Currently we do emergency response first yes, including mitigation or handling victims and data collection of victims" said Aher in Bandung, Saturday (16/12).

    According Aher if the data collection is final, then emergency response continued with rehabilitiasi victims including reconstruction damaged buildings both heavy, medium and light.

    "Rehab rekon that we do to the victims of the dead, severely injured and light, as well as damaged buildings.Insha Alloh we coordinate with the district districts, what they need from the province" he said.

    Aher was grateful, the wounded and died of the earthquake was not much, and damage to buildings and other infrastructure is also not too severe. Aher also urged people to stay calm, do not be fooled by misleading issues and the government will quickly deal with the earthquake. (Even)

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