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    Aher Appoints Deddy Mizwar as Acting Governor


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan will carry out Umrah on January 30 to Febru-ary 4, 2016 and he appointed Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar as the Daily Executive (Acting) Gover-nor.

    "I immediately go to Saudi Arabia for Umrah and I've signed appointment letter of Acting Vice Gov-ernor during my Umrah. I will do social mission and business in order to promote West Java to in-ternational,” he said in Pakuan, Friday (29/01/16) evening.

    According to the plan he will depart on Saturday tomorrow afternoon and scheduled to arrive in Saudi Arabia on Saturday morning, and on Sunday (31/01/16) he will start to Umrah and also pil-grimage in Mecca.

    Then, on Monday (02/01/16) night after Isha prayer, Aher will visit to one of the scholars and lead-ers in Mecca named Sheikh Khalid Al-Hamudi (World League Islami Leaders).

    "This is a reciprocal visit because he had ever visited West Java, precisely to Subang and Suka-bumi in mid-November 2015. In there, we will explore cooperation in all sectors, especially educa-tion and social," he said.

    After that, on Tuesday (02/02/16), Aher and his entourage arrived in Jeddah for business coopera-tion and preaching in the presence of scholars and business people in these metropolitan city. The meeting will take place in the garden and farm Sheikh Ismail Al-Balusyi.

    “Insya Allah, we were going to Medina for pilgrimage at the next day. We hope all goes well, and I will be a marketer for giving impact to West Java," he said.

    Aher does not bring his family in this Umrah, he scheduled returning to Indonesia from Medina and arrived on Thursday night in Indonesia. So that he planned to back office on Friday (05/02/16).

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