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    South Sea Quake, Hundreds of Houses Damaged


    BANDUNG-Due to the earthquake that occurred on Friday (15/12) night, hundreds of houses in 6 Kabupaten in West Java suffered heavy, medium and light damage.

    While about the casualties, Head of BPBD Jabar Dicky Sahroni said so far it just received a report of one person casualties due to the direct impact of the earthquake in Kabupaten Ciamis.

    "Meanwhile, the update until 12 o'clock Saturday (16/12), one person died from the earthquake, and one more person died, it was because of ordinary pain" he said over the phone on Saturday (16/12).

    Dicky mentioned, house damage that occurred in Ciamis District 188 houses consisting of heavily damaged 88 houses, moderate damage 83, lightly damaged 55 houses. In Tasikmalaya district, 109 houses, heavily damaged 44, moderate damage 20, light roses 65. In Pangandaran District 91 houses, heavily damaged 38, medium risks 20, slightly damaged 33 houses.

    "The data may still be subject to update reporting from the region, where we coordinate not only with the affected city districts but also with the BNPB for emergency response," he said.

    Dicky also appealed to the public do not immediately believe the news that is not necessarily true.

    Communities are encouraged to remain calm and if necessary information better access information from authorized institutions such as BNPB or BMKG. While for logistical support, BPBD Jabar newly send aid to Ciamis because there are displacement of 207 inhabitants.

    "So far we just sent to Ciamis because there are displaced as many as 207 souls.Among other districts can still handle itself," he explained.

    Assistance delivered by Dicky in the form of fast food, tents and family kits. (Even)

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