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    Bio Farma Adds Vaccine Supply for Diphtheria


    BANDUNG-Bio Farma ensures to meet the needs of vaccines containing diphtheria components, for Outbreak Response Immunization (ORI) Outbreak KLB program that will be implemented three times in December 2017, January 2018 and July 2018.

    Vaccines needed to cut off transmission, decrease the number of diphtheria cases, consisting of DT, Td, and DTP-HB-Hib vaccines.

    Bio Farma Corporate Secretary Bambang Heriyanto said, "We will prepare additional vaccine stock containing diphtheria component for ORI December 2017 as much as 35 thousand vials of DT 10ds vaccine and 102 thousand vial Td 10ds vials. "

    "As for 2018, beyond the government's routine purchase of the National Immunization program, Bio Farma will add vaccine supplies containing each diphtheri component of 1.2 million vials of DT 10ds vaccine, 7 million vials of Td 10ds vaccine and 4 million vials of DTP-Hb vaccine -Hib. "

    "The total government requirement for ORI program in December 2017 is 130 thousand vials of DT 10ds vaccine, 760 vial Td vaccine and 1.4 million vial of DTP-Hb-Hib vaccine, of which there are additional vaccines from Bio Farma each - 35 thousand vial vaccine DT 10ds and 102 thousand vial vaccine Td 10ds. As for DTP-HB-Hib vaccine, government stock is still sufficient "said Bambang.

    Bambang added for the needs of ORI in 2018, Bio Farma will provide DT 10ds vaccine as much as 1.2 million vials, Td10 ds vaccine as much as 7 million doses and DTP-Hb-Hib as much as 4.5 million doses, The amount is beyond the needs of routine government immunization program.

    Regarding the treatment of diphtheria patients using Anti Diphtheria Serum (ADS), Bio Farma will provide assistance to the Ministry of Health of 700 vials, imported from India. Procurement of imported ADS relates to the improvement and development of ADS production capacity in Bio Farma, so that the production capacity has not been able to produce fully. (Even)

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