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    Throughout 2017 SMS Banking Transactions Up to 18 Percent


    BANDUNG- In the last one year, the number of banking transactions via SMS in Telkomsel network increased by 18%. Some of the most frequent SMS banking transactions by Telkomsel subscribers are balance info, fund transfer, and account mutation notification. Currently, the number of Telkomsel subscribers who have registered SMS banking services reaches 17.5 million throughout Indonesia.

    "SMS is still a trusted platform for customers to conduct banking transactions, as this service is considered to be the most secure and reliable whenever and wherever, even in areas with the most minimal communications signal," said Vice President of Mobile Banking and Digital Advertising Telkomsel, Harris Wijaya told reporters in Bandung, Thursday (14/12/2017).

    Harris said that in providing SMS banking services, Telkomsel has partnered with more than 60 bank partners or nearly half of banks operating in Indonesia, making this service an effective solution to facilitate customers who are increasingly adopting a practical lifestyle.

    "We've been holding more than 60 banks to facilitate practical customers," Harris said.

    He continued as an effort to intensify the use of mobile banking services, especially based on SMS service, Telkomsel held Telkomsel's SMS Banking Gift Party program. The program aimed at the users of SMS banking services provides a variety of attractive prizes, including tour packages to Thailand for 13 winners. The program that took place from December 1, 2017 to February 28, 2018 is valid for all Telkomsel customers throughout Indonesia.

    "Telkomsel's SMS Banking Gift Party was held as an appreciation for SMS banking users," Harris said.

    Furthermore, Harris added that Telkomsel's SMS Banking Reward Program is Telkomsel's step in educating the public to conduct banking transactions via mobile phones.

    "Basically we provide convenience of transacting for all customer segments, including customers who are still accustomed to using SMS. This program is expected to encourage more and more Indonesians who believe to use mobile banking services, "he concluded. (MAT)

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