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    West Java Leaders Must Continue to Present Safety


    BANDUNG- Leaders of West Java (Jabar) in the future must be ready to build a consensus together to improve people's welfare and implement it quickly.

    It was said by the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan in a West Java Leadership for West Java Better Future seminar take the theme of the West Java Leaders of Future at Horison Hotel Bandung, Thursday (14/12).

    "The development must also bring a sense of security that leads to prosperity. If successful then worship will be solemn done, that is the ultimate goal of development. Its micro objectives include eliminating poverty, reduced unemployment and sustainable environment, "he explained.

    He said it takes a great Sundanese statesman who is able to provide prosperity for the citizens of West Java, because the number of people of West Java is now a big market economically.

    "The Netherlands is now an exporting country of agribusiness, whereas the area is not as wide as West Java, limited land. It means that technology and human resources are smart as a source of prosperity, this is a challenge, "he said.

    If this consensus is agreed then within 10 or 25 years the development program of West Java will continue to roll and do not stop on the road, as well as the vision and mission made can be implemented according to the track.

    "Must be able to maintain a balance between Imtaq and Iptek," he said. Jo

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