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    Archipelago Day 2017, West Java Strengthen National Maritime Role


    CIREBON CITY-Nothing wrong if the peak of the anniversary of the archipelago day 2017 this time was held at Muara Jati Dock Cirebon City West Java Province. This is based on the role and history of maritime archipelago that can not be separated from the region that has this important port in Indonesia.

    Besides, the people of West Java also have their own pride to the day of the archipelago because Ir H Djuanda as the national figure of the originator Djuanda Declaration on December 13, 1957 is a character from West Java.

    Met after the commemoration of Nusantara Day 2017, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) revealed, as an integral part of the archipelago, West Java has the potential of maritime resources that is very large. This is reflected from the length of the beach that reaches 842.6 km.

    "We also have the right to manage the fishery resources in the 12-mile territorial territory belonging to the two fisheries management areas namely the fishery management area 573 in the Indian Ocean south of West Java and the fisheries management area of WPP 712 in the Java sea," he said on Wednesday (13 / 12/2017).

    In addition, there is a wealth of energy and marine mineral resources contained in sea ponds and under the seabed as an economic potential that is also not small in value.

    With the establishment of the international port of Patimban development in Subang Regency, of course it will also further strengthen the role of West Java in the maritime economic movement of the nation.

    "There is no other choice for our community and West Java Provincial Government in addition to providing full support for the agenda of the development of this national strategic maritime infrastructure," said Aher.

    Through the anniversary of the archipelago Aher hopes, it can nurture and further strengthen the awareness of the recognition of the convention of the international sea law against the declaration of Djuanda.

    "Indonesia has become the largest archipelagic country in the world so it has the potential to become a very strong maritime state and respected by other nations," he said.

    In commemoration of Archipelago Day 2017, the Minister of Home Affairs, Tjahyo Kumolo who represented President Joko Widodo in his speech, said that Cirebon was chosen as an integral part of West Java, because it is the economic axis and the maritime power of Indonesia.

    "I think the strategic position is perpendicular to cross the Sulawesi Strait to the north and then behind it is the Indian sea, hopefully with this event I think it will give motivation and spirit not only to the people of Cirebon but also to West Java and Indonesia generally," said Tjahyo.

    He said, Djuanda Declaration is a milestone of unity of the united NKRI territory and no longer the international sea, so through self-declaration as an archipelagic country the sea is not a separator but a unifying nation.

    "Through this declaration also the Indonesian marine territory is increasingly widespread to 5.8 million sq km and on 13 December it is designated as the Nusantara day by the fifth president through its presidential decree in 2001," he said.

    It is committed to translating the President's direction to implement marine development and management through 3 missions, namely sovereignty, sustainability and prosperity. One of the real manifestations, said the Minister of Home Affairs, is to eradicate illegal fishing through law enforcement in the sea which currently has a significant impact on fisheries in Indonesia.

    "This should not be merely ceremonial every year but it should also be a model of our maritime sovereignty and integrated development for the outermost or remote island which is a synergy of ministry or institution programs in marine development," he explained.

    On the anniversary of Archipelago Day 2017, the Minister of Home Affairs accompanied by Governor Aher had the opportunity to release the export of maritime trade destination of Denmark, America and Australia, and to review the exhibition of Indonesian maritime production.

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