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    Demiz: West Java Applies 3 Integrative Steps of Education


    BANDUNG- Three integrative steps of education to be applied are early childhood education, the highest education and equalization of educational opportunities.

    Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar said there are 18 subdistricts in 7 urban village do not have high school / vocational school, even as many as 69 high school / vocational school does not yet have independent land, then Rural Participation Rate (APK) college is still about 19 percent where the average national number already reached 30 percent. To that end, West Java Provincial Government (West Java Provincial Government) targets an APK of 25 percent by 2018.

    "Hence, this scholarship grant becomes very strategic while having 377 private universities (PTS), why our APK is still low ?. Maybe there should be a college alignment to accept the original students of West Java," said Vice Governor of West Java to reporters at the Office of West Java Education, Wednesday (13/12/2017).

    West Java provincial government has so far encouraged multi campus in the framework of equalization of educational opportunities for example by establishing ITB in Cirebon, Unpad Pangandaran, and IPB Sukabumi.

    "This is done so that Sukabumi people do not need to go to Bogor if they want to study in Bogor Agricultural University. Insha Allah in 2019 Bocimi Toll completed and double track train is completed until Sukabumi," said Demiz.

    Similarly, the APK high school / vocational school in West Java which has only reached 76.62 percent while the national 80.1. Hence, West Java provincial government open high school / vocational school distance education that can pass 36,000 students every year.

    "We can not avoid the global competition, so we can use this grant better, maybe it's our charity that makes us go to heaven, not others," Demiz said.

    He appealed to not mention the amount but should focus on the outcome of this grant aid distribution. "We should not talk about money but we focus on the goal, so the orientation of the results, how we are looking for a new breakthrough in the development of human resources," he added.

    Demiz affirmed that demographic bonuses owned by Indonesia would be useless if not accompanied by their quality, while the threat to the younger generation is so much like drugs and pornography.

    To that end, West Java Provincial Government consistently assisted boarding schools including integrated vocational school means vocational school-based on Islamic boarding school by providing assistance to the memorizers of Al-Quran.

    "That is the importance of religious knowledge in our lives because it is increasingly important to live the life of religion," he concluded. (MAT)

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