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    2030, Indonesia Will Have World Economic Power


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar mentions in 2030, Indonesia with demographic bonus is expected to become a global player by becoming one of the countries that have economic power in the world. These countries include China, America, India, Japan, Brazil, Russia and Indonesia.

    "One of the seven economically strongest countries, Indonesia is predicted to become a global player in 2030," said Vice Governor of West Java to reporters at the Office of West Java Education Office, Wednesday (13/12/2017).

    Even some of the world's research institutions mention one of the 5 countries that have world economic power. With the record Indonesia must have a qualified Human Resources (HR).

    "This is in accordance with the Government program in preparing quality human resources in 2045," said Demiz.

    As it is known that educated, skilled and creative human resources become one of the pillars of nation building especially since we have entered the Asean Economic Community (MEA) which can not avoid global competition. Not only on investment, trade or services but also human resources.

    Based on Global Competitiveness Index 2017, Indonesia has competitiveness with the 36th rank from 137 countries. So still under three other Asean countries namely Singapore positioned 3, Malaysia (23) and Thailand (32).

    Demiz added that it will experience a rare phenomenon with demographic bonuses that are not experienced by any country. Year 2020 to 2035 estimated there are 64 to 70 percent of Indonesian people are in productive age. In fact, the birth rate will be controlled and life expectancy will be higher. So great is the productive age of Indonesians.

    "Later it takes 113 million workforce, so 15 to 64 years is still considered the age of productive," he concluded. (MAT)

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