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    PT BIJB AD - PP Property Develops Aerocity Area


    BANDUNG-PT West Java International Airport (BIJB) Aerocity Development (AD), a subsidiary of PT BIJB, together with PT PP Property Tbk. (PPRO) entered into a joint venture agreement to develop Kertajati Aerocity. Aerocity in the future is touted as the first aerotropolis in Indonesia.

    The joint venture agreement in the Signing Ceremony is marked by the signing ceremony of two parties held at Grand Kamala Lagoon Avenue Mall, Bekasi City, West Java, Tuesday 12 December 2017. The signing was done by Director of PT BIJB (AD) Alfiansyah, and President Director PP Property Taufik Hidayat. Present witnessed the Director of Finance and General PT BIJB M Singgih, and Director of Business Development Business of PT PP Properties Nanang Siswanto.

    "On this occasion I would like to convey that we are grateful to be able to forge a strategic partnership with PT PP Property, experienced in residential, office, apartment and retail and commercial development in the property industry sector in Indonesia," Alfiansyah said.

    Kertajati Aerocity which will be a buffer for Kertajati airport, Majalengka Regency, it is believed to be a new economic growth in Indonesia, especially in West Java. With an area of about 3,400 hectares or double the area of the airport, this special area will be divided into six clusters. The cluster will consist of Aerospace Park, Logistic Hub, Creative Techonology Center, Business Park, Energy Center and Residential Area.

    According to Alfiansyah, PPRO in the MoU or memorandum of understanding that has been done on March 21, 2017 and has already expressed interest to manage the cluster Business Park one area of 300 Ha together with PT BIJB AD. As a follow up, the strengthening of this cooperation is again carried out today.

    He continued, this business area will be built with the concept of mixed use consisting of hotels, apartments, office areas, and other facilities to support the existence of this international airport. "With the vision of PT BIJB AD clearly this will be the motor of the economy, we are ready to work with PT PP Property to make it happen," said Alfi.

    He explained that the Aerotropolis itself is a concept of development that has been done in several countries in the world. Countries that maximize Aetropolis can prove to be the engine that accelerates the regional economy.

    "in 21th era, where speed and mobility are key to the development of the industry in this era, we believe that Kertajati Aerocity's development in Indonesia as the first aerotropolis in Indonesia that integrates regional planning, business and transportation infrastructure will promote economic growth and prosperity communities in West Java in particular and also in Indonesia in general, "said Alfiansyah.

    He hopes, with strategic cooperation with PPRO this can be a good start to be able to build an airport city that will grow flowers in the future. "With the concerted agreement and understanding to develop Kertajati Aerocity, especially Business Park cluster one, we hope this will be a good start in cooperation to build a fast growing airport city in the future," explained Alfiansyah.

    Taufik Hidayat continued, the land to be developed area of 300 Ha (initial stage 250 Ha) is only two kilometers away in the area of Kertajati Airport. PPRO in its planning has been designing where the projects are worked like landed house, town house, shop house leisure district, retail, office and hotel will be executed not in long time. The total development cost of the land cost Rp 44.1 trillion with 80 percent of PPRO and 20 percent of the BIJB AD.

    He also added that the construction of several aggressive infrastructure programs such as Cisumdawu and Cipali Tolls has a positive and optimistic impact to continue to develop in Kertajati area. "Later the percentage of our biggest target market is the tourists as well as airport workers and crew plane because the location of the land is in the area of Aerocity BIJB," said Taufik.

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