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    End of Year, Telkomsel Data Traffic Prediction Up 31%


    BANDUNG - The higher utilization of broadband and digital based data services by current customers, Telkomsel predicts that in Jabotabek and West Java operational areas, there will be a data service surge of around 31%.

    Executive Vice President of Jabotabek and West Java Area Telkomsel Ririn Widaryani said Telkomsel has taken steps to anticipate network capacity increase by operating 24 units of Compact Mobile BTS (COMBAT) with 4G LTE technology and optimizing the quality of BTS around which includes the location of 142 points,

    "Including increasing the number of 4G LTE BTS with 15 MHz frequency technology," said Ririn told reporters in Bandung on Tuesday (12/12/2017)

    In addition to anticipating network services, Telkomsel also ensures the availability of Telkomsel's products and services are maintained during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

    "Telkomsel operational area Jabotabek and West Java Area has alerted 14 points GraPARI Siaga service and 63 units of Mobile GraPARI which will continue to operate normally during the national holiday Christmas and New Year," said Ririn

    Meanwhile, welcoming Hari Raya Natal 2017, Telkomsel operational area Jabotabek and West Java Area held a series of awareness activities with the theme "Time to Share and Serve" together with about 1,200 children from eight orphanages in the Greater Jakarta and West Java.

    The series of activities to welcome Christmas is also held by Telkomsel in three other cities namely Madiun, East Java (December 4, 2017), Tomohon, North Sulawesi (December 7, 2017), and Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra (21 December 2017).

    Overall, Telkomsel hands over the needs of children to 5,000 orphaned orphaned children through various foundations / social institutions and provides religious and educational facilities and infrastructure to 40 foundations / churches and churches located around Telkomsel's operational sites throughout Indonesia.

    Meanwhile, Telkomsel Finance Director Heri Supriadi said as a concrete manifestation of concern for the people of Indonesia, Telkomsel consistently strives to provide benefits for the community, especially in welcoming the momentum of religious festivities that are regularly held every year.

    "We are grateful to share the love and joy with the children, especially the care of a number of orphanages in welcoming the moment of Christmas.We hope that the help that is also a form of gratitude for the achievement of the company can bring benefits for children and institutions that shelter it, as well as for the community broad. "he concluded (MAT)

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