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    Aher: Islamic Boarding School Participates in Planting Shares In Independence


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan asserts that Islamic Boarding School is not only a place for education, but also contributes to the independence of Indonesia. Islamic Boarding School can be called owning shares in the country's independence.

    "We understand and see in history that Islamic Boarding School have a very big role in fighting colonists to seize independence, maintain independence, when filling the independence of Islamic Boarding School should have a role, we have to underline that this Islamic Boarding School is a shareholder of this NKRI "said Aher in the inauguration of BKsPPI (Board of cooperation boarding board of Indonesia) West Java in Gedung Pakuan, Tuesday (13/12).

    Thus, because Islamic Boarding School have a very strong role to win the independence, Islamic Boarding School must have a strong love for the country, even Islamic Boarding School leaders such as Kyai Hasyim Ashari Kyai Haji Wahab Hasbulloh until he has a verse of the song that mentions hubbul Wathon minal faith shows that the united NKRI.

    "Less nationalism what our Islamic Boarding School, precisely me as a generation of children of the generation of young people must appreciate with the deepest appreciation, the scholars of the students who become the backbone of this country Indonesia" he explained.

    Backbone during the war against colonialism in seizing the independence Backbone and while filling independence, do not get when the independence is not so backbone. Therefore BKsPPI present, coordinate the activities of Islamic Boarding School, to strengthen the Islamic Boarding School system, in the sense of teaching science based on religious revelation and expanded Islamic Boarding School, namely studying the science of science and verse technology.

    "We believe that religious science blends with the social sciences and technology will give birth to a whole good, not only the earthly goodness but the good of Ukrowi at once, it is called the development of the whole" concluded Aher. (Even)

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