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    Aher: Porpemprov Momentum Creates Achievement and Discipline


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said the Provincial Sports Week (Porpemprov) to XV 2017 in addition to creating achievements, also foster discipline among the State Civil Apparatus (ASN).

    According to Kang Aher greeting Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan mentions, besides fostering discipline, this activity is also able to create a better work ethic by upholding sportsmanship.

    "This activity is expected to foster discipline, besides creating a better work ethic," said the Governor of West Java to reporters at the sports center Arcamanik Bandung, Tuesday (12/12/2017)

    Aher pointed out, for fast running exercise requires high discipline that is, adequate rest, doing regular exercise and it takes hard work in creating achievement.

    The existence of discipline, motivation and hard work in the field of sports are expected to present characters in everyday life.

    "Let alone print achievements, fast running exercise is required high discipline," said Aher.

    With regard to the award for CSA who scored achievements in the national and international sports event then West Java Provincial Government will give appreciation with the form of promotion and coaching money in accordance with the available and planned budgets.

    "in the ASEAN champions there is an official bonus, then at the same time will be given bonuses for the regency / city government," said Aher.

    Previously West Java provincial government for the second time out as the overall champion in the event the National Korpri Sport Week. To that end, West Java Provincial Government gave awards in the form of special promotion to CSA who scored achievements in the event.

    The increase of rank, continued Aher, not only in the field of sports alone but the achievements outside sports such as making the system in Bapenda, making IT systems in DBMPST.

    "So the orders from BKD to give an opportunity to CSA who won the gold to get a special rank raise.I think this is reasonable, it turns out in the workplace even when there are achievements will be awarded," he concluded (MAT)

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