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    Cikapundung River Fund Structuring Reaches Rp 18 Billion


    BANDUNG-Cikapundung River structuring implemented through Cikapundung River Restoration program has used funds amounting to Rp18 billion. it’s from the state budget in 2013 and 2015.

    It thus presented by Chief BBWS Citarum, Yudha Mediawan in the inauguration of Cikapundung Terrace, Saturday (30/1) at Babakan Siliwangi, Bandung.

    Technical development was carried out by consultants with input from Bandung Mayor, Ridwan Kamil, especially for its design.

    PLN segment (Cikapundung Riverspot) undertaken to support the implementation of the Asian-African Conference with fund prepared Rp 3 billion.

    Citarum Terrace Program intended to maintain water quality, flood control, making the arrangement pattern of the riverbanks and improve the riverbanks functioning to interact with the community.

    Through these program which obviously change the landscape was originally such as poorly-maintained area into a beautiful tourist area. On the other side, this program able to educate people about maintaining the rivers in order to support the realisation of clean Cikapundung. Supporting the success of this program, it required the participation of all parties.

    “It takes other non-structural activities among others: Greening, waste management, sediment management and waste management,” he concluded.

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