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    January 2018, The People's Consultative Assembly Scroll Country's Month Program


    BANDUNG-The People's Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia (MPR RI) will roll out the country's month program in January 2018. In the program every citizen has their respective rights and obligations. If citizens are harmed by the state then they can claim their rights.

    This was disclosed Chairman of the Indonesia People's Consultative Assembly Zulkifly Hasan when opening activities Ngobrol Bareng Netizen in Bandung Monday (11/12/2017)

    Zulkifly mentioned one form of the program such as the The People's Consultative Assembly gathered with netizens who have the obligation to maintain unity including defending the rights of citizens.

    Chairman of the The People's Consultative Assembly exemplifies one of the 3 kg gas scarcity that occurred in various regions in Indonesia, causing high prices one of the needs of the community.

    "Netizens must fight for the rights of the people even if they are harmed to sue the state," Zulkifly said.

    So far people still think that the problems that exist in the environment such as waste is the duty of the state. It should be a part of society's obligations.

    "It should not think again that this waste problem is the task of the state, but the community must play an active role in jointly solving the garbage problem," said the Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly.

    Zulhas greeting Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly, Zulkifly Hasan reveals the country's month program also prohibits people to act that could harm other people such as bullying that had occurred lately in the community.

    "That bully is not okay, it hurts someone just to hurt God," Zulhas said.

    Regarding the still widespread hate speach that occurs in social media (medsos) The People's Consultative Assembly Chairman also appealed to the netizens to stop the actions that harm others.

    As it had happened in Bali that allegedly done by a handful of people with the aim of dividing the unity of the nation.

    "Let us end the hatred, including justifying any means to gain power.Let use this energy of unity as something positive. An incident in Bali, it's just a person.Actually the Balinese people are not evil like that," said Zulhas.

    He assessed the role of government is very important to convey the terms and obligations of nation and state, including law enforcement that is done fairly and indiscriminately.

    "Of course the government must be responsive in conveying the things and obligations of nation and state," he concluded (MAT)

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