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    West Java BPBD Prepares Two Citarum River Basin Handling Program


    BANDUNG-The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of West Java Province prepared two programs to solve the problems caused by Citarum river basin (DAS).

    Head of West Java BPBD, Dicky Saromi explained, his party will reduce the problem of Citarum watershed in a structural and non structural way. There are two structural steps that must be done that is, by streamlining the flow of the river in Curug Jompong. In addition, it will build retention ponds in three areas prone to flood disasters such as Bale Endah.

    "In the flood-prone areas will be created a retention pond, one of them in Bale Endah," said Dicky told reporters in Bandung, Monday (11/12/2017).

    While the non-structural solution, West Java BPBD will change the mindset of the community that arises awareness in maintaining the capacity of the river.

    "If non-structural more to invite the community to maintain the capacity of the river," said Dicky.

    With regard to the presence of Flood Early Warning and Early Actions System (FEWEAS) applications created by Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Dicky believes that the application is not all owned by all regions in Indonesia.

    "The FEWEAS application is designed to anticipate the flood disaster caused by the Citarum River, which is very beneficial," said Dicky.

    As it is known, the population in West Java Province is high around 47 million people. Thus, the government prioritizes disaster mitigation caused by weather factors, Dicky said.

    According to Dicky, from 40 watersheds in Indonesia, Citarum still faced with various problems. One of the floods that often occur in the rainy season. "Through this application will contribute a lot especially in reducing disaster risk," added Dicky.

    In addition, to solve the problem Citarum, West Java BPBD also has a capacity-raising program that increases institutions, human resources (HR) and equipment; disaster management and its management as well as science and technology (science and technology).

    He mentioned, with the application of FEWAS, it is in line with science and technology rolled out by West Java BPBD. Because early warning is part of minimizing disaster risk.

    "We feel good news for all with this application." Most importantly, after this event is completed we will apply to be part of science and technology to reduce disaster in West Java, especially in the Citarum river, "he concluded (MAT)

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