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    Coaching of Village Development, Village Heads / Urban Village Heads Gather in Bekasi


    BEKASI-West Java Provincial Government, held Jamboree Village (Jade) 2017 at JB Field, Pasirsari Village, South Cikarang subdistrict, Bekasi Regency, Monday (11/12/2017).

    In the event entitled "Unite to Build Synergic Villages Build from Suburbs", as many as 5.312 village heads (Kades) and 645 heads of West Java urban village gathered to discuss various matters related to village development.

    Activities that bring the heads of villages / villages with the Governor, Vice Governor, as well as a number of Ministers is held 11-12 December 2017.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) expressed this activity became the gather of the village heads of West Java, to share inspiration, while building a common spirit in building the village.

    What the extraordinary is, call Aher, this activity can be spelled out for the first time in West Java, even in Indonesia though.

    "This is a big agenda that is held in the effort to foster the administration of village government, urban village of West Java," said Aher.

    Jade activities are conducted based on strategic reviews that according to the President's direction, development needs to start from the periphery, from the village / urban village.

    "Village / urban village must be a development accelerator," he said.

    So, continued Aher, a village / urban village, should be placed as a moving subject, which must innovate utilize every potential that exists.

    "So the village no longer feels weak, poor, backward, let alone considered primitive This should be removed so that there will be no need for the villagers to flock to the big city, because the village can promise from its natural resources," continued Aher.

    Aher pointed out, village life in some countries such as Sudan, Morocco, Sweden can be quite successful. That can be realized because of the optimization of potential sectors.

    So, said Aher, West Java, which clearly has geographical and demographic characteristics, certainly has a lot of potential, it becomes the obligation of every level of government to utilize and develop it.

    "Having the potential, must be well managed, well organized, educated people have to return to the village again, so in the future there is no need to worry, we can be a supplier of clothing and board needs," said Governor Aher.

    Appreciation Coaching of Village Development to West Java Provincial Government

    Director of Village Governance and Administration, Ministry of Home Affairs RI, Aferi S Fudail, said that his party, from the Central Government, gave appreciation to West Java Provincial Government which allocated Provincial Assistance to villages with nominal up to Rp. 100 million per village.

    "West Java is the largest province providing direct assistance to the Village Government From 33 Provinces in Indonesia, West Java was the one who implemented it," said Aferi.

    So he pointed to West Java as an example. He also hopes every provincial government has a concern for the village / urban village such as West Java.

    "In other areas, the assistance to the village is only given by the Regent / Mayor, the province is very limited, West Java realize that it is very remarkable we should give appreciation," he said.

    Fudail further said that because of the strategic position of the village, the government needs to give great attention to improve the role of village government in accelerating the realization of community welfare.

    The government's great attention to the village was also shown by the birth of Law No. 6 of 2014 on the Village. Law Number 6 Year 2014 on this Village is the basis of Community Based on Development.

    "The Village Law regulates how to strengthen village governance and empower good people through the acceleration of good village governance to support the realization of the organizers," he said.

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