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    Regional Govt Asked Consistent on Budgeting Allocation


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government requested Regional/City govt to keep the amount of budget allocation for education 20% and health 10%.

    Provincial Secretary of West Java Iwa Karniwa said it is important to stress the local government. As the City Administration Budgetary Team (TAPD) Chairman, Iwa asked local govt to concern on the policies and technical budget preparation.

    "Among others in the fulfilment budget for education at least 20% and health budgets 10%. And establish synchronisation the development accelerated as mandated by the central government,” he said after meeting of Synergy Intergovernmental Management District/City in West Java 2016 on Friday (01/29/06).

    Regional govt must allocate at least 20% for education budget as mandated by Law No.20/2003 on National Education System and Government Regulation No. 48/2008 on education funding functions, provincial government, district and city. "So that they consistently and continuously seek for education budget allocation at least 20%," he explained.

    According to him, to maintain the program continuity and activities both at the provincial and district/city is agreed on the amounts of 20% in education budget in the APBD preparation. "These amount is maintained in its fulfilment," he said.

    As for the health budget is appropriate mandate of Article 171 paragraph (2) of Law No.36/2009 on Health. Government should be consistent and sustainable to allocate 10% for health budget excluding salaries. Accordingly, based on the results of budget evaluation in Fiscal Year 2016 were outlined in the governor's decision on the draft regulations and raperkada evaluation of the regional budget in order to follow up by regional govt.

    It hoped the synergy efforts should be improved with a commitment between the central, provincial, district and city to realise good financial management. Iwa appointed five regional financial performance indicators.

    "First, the timeliness of the budget determination, the budget portion for public welfare, the high percentage of budget realisation and low of SILPA, the accuracy of financial reporting by local government, and increased the quality opinion from BPK and LKPD,” he explained.

    The Regional Development Planning Board (Bappeda) West Java province has asked the district/city to develop more balanced budget.

    Head of Development Funding Bappeda West Java Yuke Mauliani Septina said more financial aid is used to finance the construction.

    In addition, the work plans of local governments preparation (RKPD) must consider the consistency and conformity with the provincial governments and the central government. It’s meant that APBD and RKPD preparation should refer to the document of Indonesia's National Mid-Term Development Plan (RPJMN) West Java. Common goals aspects or West Java thematic development should be reference to districts and cities govt.

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