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    First Day Duren Sindangwangi Festival 2017, 5 Thousand Durian Sold Out


    MAJALENGKA-Majalengka Regency Government supported by the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) held Duren Sindangwangi Festival 2017. This event is one of 100 Enchantment Indonesia event in 2017.

    Activities that take place on 9-10 December 2017 at the Fish Market Village Sinapeul Sindangwangi subdistrict, Majalengka aims to raise the popularity of typical durian of Majalengka precisely in the Sindangwangi subdistrict namely Durian Sinapeul.

    Durian Sinapeul is a local wealth of Sindangwangi has 4 types of Durian Bokor, Perwira, Sriwig and Cangpis (thin shells). In addition, the durian Sinapeul has its own characteristics of yellow butter, thick flesh, seeds flat, sweet and soft with a very sharp aroma so it is not surprising Majalengka typical durians are many who want to plant in other areas. Unfortunately, it will be much different from the durian origin Sinapeul region.

    At Duren Singdangwangi Festival 2017, the committee has prepared about 10 thousand durian for visitors. Only by spending money Rp. 50.000, - visitors can buy admission tickets to enjoy direct durian Sinapeul at the event location.

    "The entrance ticket can be used to eat as much durian with limited seats and visitors can exchange the ticket with a durian from Sinapeul to take home," said one of the Festival committee, Fitri Amelia.

    Even for visitors who can not split the durian itself, the committee is ready to help.

    On the first day of Duren Festival 2017, the event lasts until evening with live musical entertainment, fun games, harvest orchestra and durian processed food fairs. In addition, visitors can bring durian tree seedlings.

    Dhea Fitri familiar greeting said, on the first day of the implementation that lasted until night as many as 5,000 durian sold out. It is estimated that more visitors will be numbered on the last day of the festival.

    "Yesterday until evening was exhausted about 5,000 durian," said Fitri when confirmed via cell phone, Sunday 10/12/2017.

    Dhea said earlier the committee has also prepared a stock of durian coming from Bantar Agung Village which became one of durian suppliers for this event.

    "Durian from Bantar Agung became one of its suppliers," she concluded. (Dian / MAT)

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