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    Bima, Sandiaga Uno and Rini Soemarno Join BRI Run Bogor Series 2017


    BOGOR CITY-Bogor City again held a running race, this time the activities initiated BRI with the theme of BRI Run Bogor Series 2017 followed by as many as 5000 runners run Bogor Botanical Garden track from various regions and communities.

    The running event is divided into 3 categories, 5 Km (5 K), 10 Km (10 K) and 21 Km (21 K), with 500 runners in 21K category, 2,000 runners in 10K and 2,500 runners in 5K class.

    "This activity is our journey to City of Runners, Bogor City declare as City of Runners, we prepare the infrastructure because the running community continues to grow and we are getting ready to organize big event run in Bogor city," said Mayor Bima Arya Mayor after reaching finish line BRI Run Bogor Series 2017 at Bogor Botanical Gardens, City of Bogor, Sunday (10/12/2017) morning.

    Not only the Mayor of Bogor, Minister of SOE Rini Soemarno and Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta Sandiaga Uno and the board of directors of Bank BRI participated in these activities.

    They mingle with people from all walks of life in a special event to celebrate the 122nd anniversary of BRI with a total prize of Rp. 243 million prizes from PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk.

    In BRI Run Bogor Series 2017, Bima Arya and Sandiaga Uno follow the category of 10 K while Minister of SOE Rini Soemarno took part in category 5 K. Exactly at 06:25 pm Bima Arya with entourage Bogor Runners entered the finish line with a time of 57 minutes, followed by Minister of SOE Rini Soemarno 5 minutes later. In contrast to Bang Sandi, greeting Sandiaga Uno Vice Governor of Jakarta who finish first.
    After running State Enterprises Minister Rini Soemarno admitted that she was happy to follow BRI Run Bogor Series 2017 and his enthusiasm followed the run in category 5 K.

    "Just 5 K, this event is very good in combination with Bogor Botanical Gardens, people are better know if run in Bogor Botanical Garden is good and delicious so that people become more familiar, especially if we plant the tree it feels will be cooler," he said .

    Furthermore, all participants are no exception SOE Minister Rini Soemarno reunited with residents following Zumba gymnastics led by three instructors. (Humas: rabas / indra-SZ)

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