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    Seeing Gedung Sate Development Process at Gedung Sate Museum


    BANDUNG-Gedung Sate which is now the office of West Java Governor (Jabar) has a million stories. Now the story about the heritage building that can be seen by people in the Gedung Sate Museum. The museum has been inaugurated by Governor Ahmad Heryawan on Friday (8/12) afternoon and is open to the public.

    Museum is located on the ground floor, east wing, or next to PT Post office building. For people who want to see the museum can choose a parking within the Gedung Sate or in the parking lot of Post Office building Cilaki Street.

    Entering the museum, visitors will be greeted with a glass floor. Apparently it is a kind of flat screen television that presents pictures of museums, logos and greetings to visitors.

    Before entering the inside, visitors fill the registration and will get the bracelet as entrance ticket. While this is still free, up to an undetermined time.

    Built in the visitor will be invited to nostalgia with antiquity when the building plan of Gedung Sate made. Through a guide, visitors will get an explanation of every relief and posters that are attached to the wall.

    This museum is classified as sophisticated because many use the latest technology, for example, visitors can ride on a gondola and by using special glasses, he seemed to fly over the Gedung sate. This vehicle is most interested in visitors.

    Then there is a special room, mini cinema that presents the Gedung sate. Then there is also Augmanted Reality (AR) technology and a glass-floored hallway. When walking on it, visitors will feel is walking on the sky with a view of the Gedung sate building underneath.

    Perhaps many visitors who also do not know much. Apparently the walls of Gedung Sate have a thickness of one meter. One of the walls inside the museum was deliberately unloaded to tell it. And no red bricks are just the stones used to build them.

    The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday and Monday closed. Starting from 09:00 to 16:00. So to know more about the Gedung Sate which is an architectural masterpiece of antiquity, visit the Gedung Sate Museum. Jo

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