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    Aher is Disturbed By Ants During Speech at Entrepreneur Day's show


    BANDUNG-While giving a speech at the opening of 3rd Entrepreneur Day's at Asrilia Hotel Bandung on Sunday morning (10/12), West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) suddenly patted his hand on his shoulders and neck like to get rid of something. For a few seconds his speech stopped. Moments later Aher continued his speech.

    "This is what if in the tropical climate, once out of the car there may be ants stuck to the ground here. The car was parked under a tree apparently earlier," he explained, greeted by laughter of the audience.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan opened Entrepereneur Day's 2017. Entrepereneur Day's is a seminar event for small entrepreneurs to large, both beginners and who have been running for long.

    "We have only been for haj or umroh mabrur term," said Rosul, "the term mabrur also applies to entrepreneurs, so let us pray together that these entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs who mabrur" he said.

    According to Aher mabrur entrepreneur is that bring blessing for everything.

    "Not measured by how big the benefit or how big the company, but how much brings benefits and blessings for audiences" said Aher.

    Aher also hopes in West Java continues to grow new entrepreneurs to increase the percentage of entrepreneurs. As mentioned, developed countries are countries with a minimum of 4% of the total population. (Even)

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