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    Tour Access to Duren Festival 2017 Needs Innovation


    MAJALENGKA-Head of Deputy of Tourism Marketing Development of the Ministry of Tourism RI (Kemenpar), Esty Reko Astuti admitted if access to tourist sites Duren Festival 2017 a little constrained.

    Esty appealed to the relevant parties, especially the local police to map the parking bags so that people including tourists can be easily headed to the location.

    "It was already coordinated to the Police Chief in the future made parking pockets so easy to access tourists," said Esty told reporters in the village of Sinapeul Majalengka, West Java, Saturday (9/12/2017)

    She tries to develop a tourist destination in addition to amenity and also access. While special tourist destinations this duren festival can apply the concept of out door or camping because now many young people are interested in this type of tour.

    "In addition to family tourism destinations are also to be considered," said Esty

    Community also have to innovate in providing access solutions for the durian festival location. For example those who are in the vicinity of tourist sites using traditional transportation.

    "So not all bring a car here so that the long line. For the next, it can also use odong-odong or the other vehicle directly managed by the local community," said Esty

    The existence of long queues is a loss for both the committee and tourists who visit the location.

    "If there is still a line in the highway like this of course when the tourist has reached the location of his durian is sold out. This can harm tourists and committe as well," said Esty

    Meanwhile, regarding the potential tourism Majalengka, he assessed every destination will be seen its attraction that can be shaped natural potential. According to Esty, the natural potential of Majalengka Regency of West Java is quite good. So that can be developed its ecotourism.

    In addition, Majalengka Regency has the potential of cultural tourism, culinary, so it can be said extraordinary attractiveness potential. "If I see the potential of nature is excellent," he concluded (MAT)

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