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    Tourism Ministry: Besides Durian Majalengka Regency Have Other Tourism Potential


    MAJALENGKA-Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia (Kemenpar) noted that Majalengka Regency of West Java has other potential torism besides Duren Festival 2017.

    Deputy Head of Tourism Marketing Development Ministry of Tourism , Esty Reko Astuti explains her party will package the tourism potential of Majalengka to be more widely known so that it becomes one of the local and foreign tourist destinations.

    "Durian (duren-ed) tourism potential in Sinapeul village, Sindang Wangi Sub-district, Majalengka Regency is good, not only durian but other potential so that we can pack it in the future, not only durable festival which become icon but also others," Esty told reporters in Sinapeul Village, Majalengka Regency, West Java, Saturday (9/12/2017)

    Esty said, promotions made in various mass media including social media (medsos) is very effective so that the impact on the number of visitors the event.

    "Apparently the influence of promotion in various media including medsos especially from bloggers and instagram extra viral so that the impact on the surge of visitors," said Esty

    She hopes that the future of this durian festival should be packed far better by combining varieties of products to be displayed.

    In addition, involve the local community in this activity. So, the community must play an active role not only as a spectator or a visitor only.

    "In the future, it should involve more SME players, including communities that are featured plus unique culinary displays to attract more visitors," he concluded (MAT)

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