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    Unqualified Option Opinion Is Not Everything


    BANDUNG-Today the local government often considers that Unqualified Option (WTP) from BPK for its financial statements is everything and a 'good' achievement. Whereas according to Head of BPK Representative Arman Syifa news, WTP is only an assessment of financial statements written only.

    "But indeed, the WTP shows the performance of the government in making its financial statements, both detailed according to the rules" Arman said on Media Workshop West Java BPK on Opinion Formulation Mechanism of Local Government Financial Statements at West Java BPK Building, Friday (8/12).

    According to Arman, it should be understood by local governments, agencies and the public that the opinion of the WTP is not the main objective.

    "The WTP should not be the main objective, so the main objective is still the budget is absorbed and according to the allocation as stated in the budget planning" he explained.

    In West Java itself until the year 2016 that has not got WTP opinion there are 3 areas of Bandung, Subang Regency and West Bandung regency. (Even)

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