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    Aher: Do not Blame Technology Developments


    BANDUNG-Located at Asrilia Hotel Bandung, West Java Chamber of Commerce held a Meeting of Leaders (Rapim) Province IV Chamber of Commerce, Friday (8/12). The theme taken in the meeting is Building a Crisis Center In Addressing Business in the Digital Age.

    Chairman of West Java Chamber of Commerce Agung Suryamal in his speech said there has been a digital tsunami with the switch of business into the digital era as it happens today

    So according to him need to set up a kind of crisis center to deal with the negative changes in the digital era, especially for business development, especially in West Java.

    Responding to that West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said employers need not be afraid of the drastic changes in the digital era because it is the development of technology can not be avoided but must be followed.

    "As there is a danger, the threat is precarious but it is not that it should be prepared efforts and ways to take advantage of the digital era, entrepreneurs must be prepared with change," he said.

    He added that there needs to be mutual awareness and joint motion to work together among entrepreneurs in the face of such a digital change. Jo

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