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    Smart and Wise Student Using the Internet


    BANDUNG REGENCY- The Ministry of Communication and Informatics The Directorate General of Information and Public Communication held a public discussion forum with the theme "Smart and Wise Students Using the Internet" at SMKN 2 Padalarang Bandung Regency (8/12/2017).

    Also attended by members of the House of Representatives Rachel Maryam Sayidina, Dedi kusnandar from Persib Bandung and Dikdik Sadaka from Directorate of public media management IKP general.

    According to Rachel, the internet is a technology that helps us to communicate with each other, without limit and fast. internet like a two-sided knife.

    when used properly will be very useful, when used negatively can adversely affect teenagers.

    The global economy is growing in Indonesia, rachel hope with the internet, teenagers Indonesia can utilize the internet well.

    "use the internet as well as possible.

    dig as much science ", says Rachel

    According Dikdik, to face negative things such as Hoax on the internet, Communication and Informatics has prevented by blocking negative sites, although it continues to grow. Kominfo keep trying to prevent.

    "How to prevent it is intelligent and wise, checks & re-receipt in the information, not directly share information without being seen the source first", Reveal Dikdik

    According to Dedi, the internet when used with many intelligent benefits that we can get. "As a soccer player I am very supportive to anticipate negative content, use the internet well and smart", said Dedi (Upi)

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