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    West Java Film Festival 2017 as Container for Expressing Young Generation Idea


    CIANJUR REGENCY- A total of 600 people participated in screening films of West Java Film Festival 2017 for short film and music video at Cianjur Arts Council Building, Suroso Street No 46 Cianjur Regency, West Java.

    The event organized by West Java Department of Tourism and Culture is not only broadcast some short films by participants from various regencies / cities in West Java but collide ideas between the audience with local film makers to get to know more closely what kind of work expressed in the form of film.

    In opening remarks, West Java Provincial Secretary of Tourism and Culture Department Agus Hanafiah said that the creative economy plays an important role now and the younger generation is closely related to it.

    "The creative economy is identical with the young generation, because the reference is ideas, it is in the young generation", Secretary of West Java Tourism and Culture Department Agus Hanafiah in his speech Wednesday (6/12/2017)

    Vice Governor of West Java Dedy Mizwar or commonly known as General Naga Bonar present on the sidelines of his busyness to provide motivation to the audience by telling his experience in the world of cinema.

    "Film is our expression tool, practice to express ideas with short films, West Java already accommodate with this West Java Film Festival," said Vice Governor Demiz in his presentation.

    The prize awarded to the winner of West Java Film Festival 2017 is 25 million, bigger than the award of Bandung Film Festival or Indonesian Film Festival.

    Demiz says a good movie has a big impact on the audience, let's make the film we make this as a means of worship. Make something useful for life because it is the best human being.

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