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    President Jokowi Wants Budget Governance is Simplified


    BANDUNG-President Joko Widodo today, Wednesday, December 6, 2017, submitted the Budget Implementation Schedule (DIPA) in 2018, to 86 ministries and institutions (K / L) with a total value of Rp847.4 trillion, as well as DIPA regional transfers and funds villages in 2018 amounting to Rp766.2 trillion.

    The DIPA is part of the State Budget (APBN) for fiscal year 2018 amounting to Rp2,220.7 trillion.

    Such a huge amount should be managed and utilized as well as possible for the welfare of the people. Therefore, the Head of State reminded his ranks and regional heads throughout the country to improve their quality so as not to repeat the previous mistakes.

    This was revealed in a release received by editor of jabarprov.go.id from Protocol, Press and Media Secretariat of State, Thursday (7/12).

    Furthermore, the President asserted, "we must keep together both in terms of planning, budgeting, and later in implementation implementation," said the President when giving a speech after the delivery of DIPA 2018, at the Presidential Palace Bogor, West Java.

    In addition, the President also asked his officials to immediately fix the system of governance and administration of the State Budget to be more effective and efficient.

    Given that there are still many systems in Indonesia that spend time, energy, and thoughts without maximum results.

    "I ask all ministers, institutions, local governments, to continue to simplify the implementation of the state budget so that the orientation is the result, not the orientation of the procedure," said the President.

    The President asked all parties concerned to always coordinate and strengthen synchronization, integration, and synergy between activities funded by the city's budget, district budgets, provincial budgets, the state budget, to village funds.

    "It must be connected, it must be integrated, otherwise I repeat it again, build the dam, build the reservoirs, irrigation years do not exist.

    Do not we repeat once again like this, "said the President.

    Furthermore, the President also emphasized the importance of budget planning and use that focus on activities that provide tangible benefits to the people of Indonesia. In addition, public spending and mandatory expenditures should also be improved.

    Starting from education, health, village funds, to infrastructure.

    Efforts to change the old pattern also did not escape from the direction of Head of State. Especially in terms of the implementation of programs and activities that are structured and do not accumulate at any given time. This is important because it concerns the circulation of money, economic growth, and national inflation.

    "The regional budget should be approved in time to accelerate the implementation of programs and activities, to avoid the accumulation of later budgets at the end of the year," said the President.

    Finally, equally important is the efficiency in the use of the budget including operational expenditures in ministries, agencies, and local governments. The President also wants the village funds to be used self-managed through labor-intensive programs in each region.

    "I want to remind all of us to focus on work, I ask to continue to improve coordination in all levels so that the budget can be a catalyst for development and also do not forget to invite the private sector to participate in national development especially in infrastructure," said the President ended his direction.

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